Artist Statement

My most recent works began from images that randomly came to me. I was somehow inspired by the powerful feeling that comes from experiencing nature and how nature has a power to evoke new inspirational idea sprouts in my mind and soul. It seems to grow rapidly and then suddenly the motive for a painting is born. My painting language and painting process in general is mostly based on intuition rather than analysis, strategy or some pre-determined statement. Having said that, however, when I look at my different paintings. They may be comprised of entirely different subjects and styles but they are all related and somehow complete one another, each by their own unique logic, emotional content and colors. So it could be said that same type of strategy or statement may take place, though I am not consciously aware of any when I sit down at the canvas.

Over the past few years I have tried to explore realism and abstract paintings but I never seemed to be as satisfied with the results as when I am when I am working with imaginary scenarios related to dreams, magic and high tension. I identify my future path in that direction because I can see myself detailing my fantasy, emotional world of mind in further ways on a canvas. I allow many influences to enter my work. It can come from something I saw in film or a magazine. My work is pretty personal but at the same time I can say that my thoughts and ideas I put in my art can affect others as well. I would describe my works mostly as a decor art which reflects and pulls out conceptions of a person's inner world.

I use oil colors and I love the strong brush marks that can be achieve when working with oil. I try to avoid clean lines. Fuzzy lines definitely dominate in my paintings and equal to my romantic approach. I like to play around with the light and contrasts and I enjoy combining thick paint and flat layers on a canvas.

I would say that my main criteria for judging a painting would depend on how soft but bright an image appears and how many personal emotions it brings out in the viewer. I believe in the power of a positive attitude in creating each painting. I think and believe that hope and love can help our souls bloom and create excitement for life and art.